Agriculture - Winners

ID : HPA 869

Name : JM Jenifer Dickna

Educational Qualification : B.Tech, MBA

Nature Of Business : Natural Store

Years In Business : 1

Annual Income : 1LAKH - 10LAKH

Why And How You Started The Business: The natural store was initiated by my sister natural physician by love with nature and natural agriculture. With a higher sense of intent, the village was started in a small village without starting in the city. People are searching for quality products and they come in search of many cities.

Challenges In Running The Business : 1) Being a village, people are less aware of the city than the city. 2) Low investment. 3) Natural conditions are not sustained for long hours. 4) Natural problems when a young girl in the village.

ID : HPA 237

Name : Poonkodi

Educational Qualification : B.Sc.

Nature Of Business : Commercial plant tissue culture laboratory

Years In Business : 15

Annual Income : 1LAKH - 10LAKH

Why And How You Started The Business: It was my dream to start a tissue culture lab n did it.

Challenges In Running The Business : Starting from availing a loan, we struggled a Lot. But we managed and are successful.

ID : HPA 242

Name : A.Ramya

Educational Qualification : B.Sc(Nursing)

Nature Of Business : Vermiculture

Years In Business : 8

Annual Income : BELOW 1LAKH

Why And How You Started The Business: To promote organic farming.

Arts & Culture - Winners

ID : HPA 1327

Name : Sapna Koshy

Educational Qualification : BSc.Family and Community Science

Nature Of Business : Customized Gift Hampers for all occasions

Years In Business : 5

Annual Income : 1LAKH - 10LAKH

Why And How You Started The Business: 2012, we moved to a new city and since my baby was only a year old, I could not go for a regular job leaving her behind with anyone else. So i decided to do some job from home that gives me additional income to support the family at the same time not compromise on the family time. I researched in many Coimbatore based groups on facebook as to how my idea of a gifting business would be feasible, and got a lot of support from these groups. I started my venture in just one week after relocating to Coimbatore

Challenges In Running The Business : Man power.

ID : HPA 502

Name : Lakshmi Thangadurai

Educational Qualification : B.E

Nature Of Business : TERRACOTTA JEWELRY (Laksh Terracotta Jewellery)

Years In Business : 3

Annual Income : ABOVE 10LAKH

Why And How You Started The Business: : After my undergraduate degree took a year break to prepare for masters. started my business that time only as I had some time in hand. Hobby turned to Business.

ID : HPA 880

Name : R.Preethy Vijay

Educational Qualification :, PGDPR & HRM

Nature Of Business : Breastmilk Jewellery and Keepsakes

Years In Business : 1

Annual Income : BELOW 1LAKH

Why And How You Started The Business: I am into art and craft since childhood. I came to know about breastmilk jewellery when a mom enquired about it in India. Browsing about the same I came to know there no not much people doing such business and my eagerness grew bigger. That's why started with trials and now it's successfully going on.

Challenges In Running The Business : Since not much people even around the globe are doing such business, not even a single piece of information is available on the web unlike other art forms. So much of trials and errors I have gone through.

Beauty & Wellness - Winners

ID : HPA 153

Name : Rachana Nahata

Educational Qualification : MBA

Nature Of Business : Artist

Years In Business : 3

Annual Income : BELOW 1LAKH

Why And How You Started The Business:I was always fond of art as a kid. I loved playong with colours and best of all loved it wen peoppe apreciated my work. But at the same time i would just smile and say thank you and not bring satisfied with my work coz i know i can always do better. My mom encouraged me always to go ahead with wat made me happy. She said watever i do i shld do it on a big scale ! She is my pillar of support. But a decade back i started using the mehandi cone and loved the way the henna paste came out of the cone and the best part was knlwing i can create beautiful designs with that cone. Since then i kept doing mehandi for almost 10 to 12 years now and as i got better eith experience the word spead and was opted by most of the event companies and got reffered thru a lot of my previous clients. Rishi was always there to motivate me in everything.

Challenges In Running The Business : The only challenge i faced was spending time with family..

ID : HPA 844

Name : Kaviya Raj Kamaraj

Educational Qualification : B.Tech in IT

Nature Of Business : Association of Bridal Artists

Years In Business : 3

Annual Income :1LAKH - 10LAKH

Why And How You Started The Business:Having helped in organising all my friends’ weddings, I always noticed the problems brides faced in coordinating with all their different artists and bridal designers, amidst their busy schedules. Having already gained a little experience from helping my friends, I decided to launch a platform for brides to find artists, designers and photographers at one place, and TBG Bridal Store was born. An initiative started completely by women, today TBG is run by a team where 95% of the members are women. With a total number of 11 employees and a network of nearly a hundred artists, We have expanded the horizons to Tamil Nadu, Andhra, Karnataka, Kerala, Mumbai, and almost all of India.

Challenges In Running The Business: The constant challenge is keeping the service concepts to the latest trend and bringing it to the customers immediately, as the trend is changing every day in the bridal industry.

ID : HPA 47

Name : Kavitha Sekar

Educational Qualification : B.E

Nature Of Business : Makeup Artistry by Kavitha Sekar

Years In Business : 5

Annual Income : 1LAKH - 10LAKH

Why And How You Started The Business: I was always fascinated by the beauty industry and how beauty is celebrated by people. I wanted to pursue makeup after my schooling. But I faced challenges from my acquaintance to pursue makeup. I then took a crash course during my third year semester holidays. I completed my degree and started doing makeup as a freelancer as well as assisting makeup artists. I also worked for Cognizant technology solutions as a Software Engineer at the same time in order to take care of my family's expenses and mine. People around me started recognising my talent after few years and whoever opposed me doing makeup being an engineer by degree. Took various crash courses and trainings with my hard earnt money. Got married in 2012 and got massive support mentally from my husband for my makeup career. I was able to take care of my family, my kid and also my makeup career at the same time. I'm happy that I am one of the notable makeup artists in Chennai now. And it was a long journey. I am happy that I'm able to provide business to other women like my assistant, a florist who regularly provides flowers to my brides and few other girls who work as an assistant on and off.

Challenges In Running The Business : The main challenge that I faced is the people challenge. As most of the clients go by the number of likes and no of followers your page has got than the quality of your work. I had to train myself to convince people about my work. I had to work more on my soft skills while interacting with the clients. I have improved a lot in the same and I do much better now. The biggest challenge is managing time with my kid as he was born at the sametime I started my makeup business in fill swing. 9 months of maternity,IT office, bringing up my kid, not having a maid till now,taking care of family's needs,growing myself professionaly, all at the same time was the biggest challenge. I am happy that I was able to overcome all difficulties single handedly, being a freelancer. I am proud of where I'm now in the list of makeup artists that inspire me. However, Im still working on my vision of becoming the best artist in the country,taking inspirations from many..

Breaking Stereotype - Winners

ID : HPA 508

Name : Jennifer Ann

Nature Of Business : Real Estate Consultant

Years In Business : 15

Annual Income : 1LAKH - 10LAKH

Why And How You Started The Business: I worked for a company before but being a single mother was difficult as earnings were less and faced problems being a woman, so made the decision to start on my own and that has helped me grow. This helped me educate my children daughter is a Advocate practicing at the Supreme Court Delhi and my son is a Chef heading a cafe at Chennai. My work besides real estate involves reaching out to senior citizens who just need to talk or need some one to run a errand for them..and I do this not for any monetary returns but just to see the smile on their face . I may not get the award but I want every woman out there to know that no matter the odds or what ever you strong, determine and follow your dreams and dream big ..believe in yourself and always remember nothing is impossible in this world if one sets the heart on it and puts in the hard Moto never so it won't happen ..instead say I will make it happen.

Challenges In Running The Business : As a woman ..Yes..but that's what made me strong and determine to succeed.

ID : HPA 225

Name :R.Revathi

Nature Of Business : Car Driving Instructor

Annual Income : 1LAKH - 10LAKH

Why And How You Started The Business: Learnt Driving in ANEW, started teaching car driving to females as they needed encouragement.

Challenges In Running The Business : faced problems to procure funds to start the business and being a single mother handling the two daughters and business simultaneously is the biggest challenge.

ID : HPA 1120



Annual Income : BELOW 1LAKH

Why And How You Started The Business: In different field I have to prove myself and that will be helpful moreladies,in manufacturing company always boys dominate,girl's face more problem,as a girl even I have faced too many problems ,this issue made me to start a business.

Challenges In Running The Business : Even though I am talking about business such an idotic male will see in wrong,as a young ,even if I have meeting with my client on of my family member will be at my back to safeguard,it so disgusting.

Differently Abled- Winners

ID : HPA 1147

Name : K.Raghavi Senthilkumar

Educational Qualification : B.Tech, M.B.A, Dip T&D, Ph.D (pursuing)

Nature Of Business : As Founder of The Headway Foundation, I am into social activism focusing on differently-abled and under-privileged empowerment

Years In Business : 1

Annual Income : BELOW 1LAKH

Why And How You Started The Business:I wanted to do some awareness on disability stigma and gradually i had many people joining me and we are doing projects and programs for differently-abled and under-privileged people.

Challenges In Running The Business : Change needs time!!!.

Education & Literature - Winners

ID : HPA 148

Name : Deepika Arun

Educational Qualification : B.Tech (Hons)

Nature Of Business : Jhoola Activity Centre

Years In Business : 1

Annual Income : BELOW 1LAKH

Why And How You Started The Business:: It was my dream to start a centre of my own that involves helping children where learning is fun! Our children's generation is right to be called the ‘multimedia generation’ as they are all crazy about one gadget or the other. Gadgets are not only killing their social, personal and creative skills but also leaving negative impacts on their health and emotions. I was so shocked to see children in my family so glued to gadgets and TV; I wanted to provide an environment where children learn that there are other ways to entertain themselves like reading a story or playing a board game or doing a craft activity. At Jhoola, I introduce children to different hobbies and activities that are fun yet have some learning attached. Unfortunately, when it comes to children, we don’t think about happiness enough. We think about success, we think in comparisons, we think about trophies, prizes etc. We want the child to excel in everything that we end up enrolling the child in multiple extra-curricular activities that the child has absolutely no interest in. Little do we realize that most of these do not make our children happy in anyway. Once upon a time, childhood was nothing but endless time spent outside just playing. We played, learned, socialised and most importantly had fun. Today’s children have their life so mechanized that they do not have time to explore or have real fun. Life is far too scripted today. Plans are made. Classes are attended. Gone are the days of free play and creating something out of nothing. Many children today are simply following a script that they would free themselves from if given a chance. Not all children have interest or aptitude in music or dance or chess or other routine fine-art classes but most children are enrolled to one or two of these classes. We somehow try to link everything with academic success and enroll children in handwriting classes, abacus and what not! Everything ends up becoming mechanical and stressful for the child that he/she no longer enjoys the most beautiful of life’s seasons – Childhood! They are not just let be! At Jhoola activity centre, I partly try to achieve this. To let them decide what they want to do, to let them play, to let them socialise, to let themselves be just themselves, to let them explore, to let them think and last but not the least, to let them just have fun! And in this whole process, children reinvent themselves, find out their passion, identify new hobbies and LEARN!

Challenges In Running The Business : I run Jhoola out of my home. Lack of space has been a challenge when I look at doing innovative new things at my centre/home. I move furniture around and conduct classes in the hall when there is a larger group involved.

ID : HPA 245

Name : Vijayabharathi

Educational Qualification : Msc,BEd

Nature Of Business : BHARATHY ACADEMY

Years In Business : 4

Annual Income :1LAKH - 10LAKH

Why And How You Started The Business : In 2014 my husband was suddenly died in an accident. I wish to survive my life with my education and started my concern as a coaching center for government job aspirants,school,college students.

Challenges In Running The Business: Initially we had only one student.but we produced results in a good manner with less we are the number one education institution in Villivakkam.

ID : HPA 104

Name : V.Indhra

Educational Qualification : Msc,BEd

Nature Of Business : Multi skill classes like craft,drawing

ID : HPA 419

Name : Vamanie Perumal

Nature Of Business : Medical Device Consultant and Science Communication

Annual Income :1LAKH - 10LAKH

Why And How You Started The Business :I have always had a passion for working with children. I have handled many activities centred around young minds, since when I was into college. After my education and experience in various research laboratories, I realised the importance of Science and Maths practical education to young minds. It is just not about being hands on, it should also be creative and attractive to capture the attention of children. So I started designing methods incorporated with art, storytelling, games, writing stories etc.,

Challenges In Running The Business: : My business was the challenge. The most important part was to attract customers and clients towards this domain of science communication.

Food & Beverages - Winners

ID : HPA 1181


Educational Qualification : +2

Nature Of Business : Home made edible food products

Years In Business : 5

Annual Income : BELOW 1LAKH

Why And How You Started The Business : : After the dimise of my husband, i became a widow and had faced my own difficulties to bring up my 2 children. I started this home based small business by investing the money which i had. i procure food items like ground nut, Gram, Ginger, Clove, vendhayam, yelakka, malli,pepper, more milakai, soya, kaduhu, uzhundhu, cashew, etc., and I make 50gms and 100gms pockets,, and distribute the same to different small stores with the help of my son. I earn around 8000 to 10000 per month with this process.

Challenges In Running The Business: Sometimes when my children have to attend their education, I struggle a lot to cover up the customers but still today i am in their good books and they all give me a good support.

ID : HPA 1151

Name : Arumugakani @Susela

Educational Qualification : ESSLC

Nature Of Business : Manufacturing

Years In Business : 12

Annual Income : 1LAKH - 10LAKH

Why And How You Started The Business :Totally five member in her family. Being a homemaker she was totally depends on her husband income, Due to some healt condition her husband lost his earning capacity slowly.She strive a lot for a single day meal with her three children. She is very bold and courageous women, and she is good in preparing traditional dishes instantly with quality. At that time she was in a position to lead the family as a bread winner.She decided to produce and pack instant food dry power products without any preservative. She started with an investment of Rs.5000/-. The first three products are bajju mix,Orid Porridge Mix, fenugreek Porridge mix. Initially she use to grain the product in the local grinding mill and the it will get packed at home and she will move around the street and sell it. From that she survived and educated her three children. Later the product list got increased.

ID : HPA 105

Name : N.Sheela babu

Educational Qualification : 12

Nature Of Business : Marriage catering Milk products supplier (KARNEES"S FOOD PRODUCTS)

Annual Income : BELOW 1LAKH

Why And How You Started The Business : I started my business in 1996. My family was facing money problem. So to afford my daily needs and to run my family well I planned to do business of supplying milk products for marriage function and any other function from wholesale dealers.

Challenges In Running The Business:Many tried to down my business. They pour water in milk so that my client will refuse my products due to so much water in milk. Even my husband tried to pull me down. He didn't like my success. He even made many problems and fighted with me and even beat me to drop out this business. But I didn't fear I just still continued to move up with my business. In my hard times I just think about Phoenix bird becuse it I'll fly focus to reach the sun. When it reaches near to it. The bird get burned due to heat of sun. But the bird diidn't give up. It again fly harder to reach the sun. This made me and motivated me to reach my goal of success in my business. Now am the only woman who do this milk product business among all.

Healthcare Senior - Winners

ID : HPA 1283

Name : V Rajalakshmi

Educational Qualification : (Old) Ninth Standard - Government School, Chidambaram

Nature Of Business : Millet-based health mix, Herbal hair oil, Amla Oil, Hair wash oil

Years In Business : 1

Annual Income : BELOW 1LAKH

Why And How You Started The Business: I am a widow, age 64, and I don't get any old-age pension from the government or any other government service pension. Also, I do not have any property inherited from my husband. For my livelihood, I had to depend on my daughter, who got married two years ago. So, I felt bad for asking money from my daughter and son-in-law. I thought that I should not be a burden to them. Instead of relying on others, why not I start something on my own – that was the thought going on my mind after my daughter got married. I have decided that I wanted to do something, but I could not zero in on the product. After a deep thinking, I chose the Millet-based health drink. I have been providing this drink for my children for nearly 35 years. Also, as I hail from a village in Chidambaram, this drink was my breakfast, when I was a child. So, the flavour of the product is nearly SIXTY years old. So, I thought this would be the good choice for the business. When I told my daughter initially, she was hesitating for a while. But I convinced her and her husband. I see to it that I earn Rs.1,500 to 2,000 per month. My acquaintances laughed at me and told me that just for earning Rs.2,000 per month, I can very well apply for government's old age pension. But, I was not interested. Why should I get something free of cost, when I can earn on my own. I thought that the old-age pension could at least go for even poor people, who can't help themselves. Then, came the idea of herbal hair oil, Amla oil and Hair wash oil. I often read a lot of books, of course in Tamil. Especially, after starting the business, I was looking for the ways of improving my business and to develop my product. Meanwhile, I read several articles related to hair problems of both men and women. Suddenly, an idea came to start the hair oil business too. Because, I have never purchased any oil from the markets, I have been using only herbal oil which I prepare at house. Sometimes, I use it as cakes and sometimes as oil. So I thought I can choose this product. Right now, I am looking for ways to learn internet so that I can meet more people and sell my product. My drawback is that I need to walk for a long distance to sell one packet. If that could be overcome by some means, then I can concentrate on other ways of development of the product.

Challenges In Running The Business : I do not know to ride two-wheelers or even cycle. So, I find it difficult to give the packets to more than two or three customers per day, as I go by walk. A few customers tell me that my product is too costly and they often compare with the market rates. For them, my answer is I do not add any preservatives or flavours and I add more than 20 ingredients, in equal proportions, than the one in market. I am very careful while choosing the ingredients. Because, there are a few items which are too hot to the body and a few that are too cold. So, the ingredients have to be balanced. Also, I explain the benetits of the each of the ingredient in the mix. Thus, I manage to sell the products. When I see that people are not convinced, the next day, I go to their place after making the porridge and ask them to drink, as a sample. After drinking the porridge, several people were convinced and started buying on a regular basis. My only challenge is meeting people. Because, I do not know to operate internet or ride cycles. So, I really feel that as a handicap.

ID : HPA 665

Name : Mrs.saroja sadasivam

Educational Qualification : ESLC

Nature Of Business : Manufacturing and retail/ wholesale Distributers of cleaning agents. Products range from domestic, commercial and automobilecleaning agents.

Years In Business : 12

Annual Income : ABOVE 10LAKH

Why And How You Started The Business: I initially learnt how to make some cleansing agents primarily to raise funds for charitable organizations like Viswashanthi Senior citizens home. In due course, I developed interest, enriched my knowledge base to support an on going profitable business.. Eventually, I started my organization RajiProducts, launched the brand Lotus through which I started my distribution of my line of innovative line of products.

Challenges In Running The Business : The challenge was to stay ahead of the competition by offering customised solutions to industries throughResearch and development to meet the demands and need of our customers.

ID : HPA 1264

Name : Hema Krishnan

Educational Qualification : High school

Nature Of Business : Herbal products business

Years In Business : 5

Annual Income : BELOW 1LAKH

Why And How You Started The Business: Mrs.HemaKrishnan is the founder of the Mooligaa Herbal Company. The mission of the company is to reinforce the herbal way of living and to bring back the lost but precious health and beauty products that our ancestors used. Mrs.Hema used to be a very healthy person by every way. She ate the right foods and exercised regularly. All of a sudden in the year 2008, she was diagnosed with breast cancer. The cancer had started to spread to her lymph nodes and the doctors had no other option other than removing her right breast and a bunch of lymph nodes. It was a difficult time for her and the whole family. Her determination, faith in god and willpower made her to come across the hurdle. She was hospitalized and had to go through a lot of chemotherapy and radiation sessions. More than the surgery, these sessions were very hard on her. The after effects of the chemo and the radiation sessions were very painful. But she still endured the whole process and carried on with her life with some difficulty. Through the whole ordeal, one point was very clear to her . She did not want her kids and husband to get this monster of a disease. Mrs.Hema analyzed a lot about the reasons for her condition and thought that the chemicals in the food and other cosmetic/household products could have led to her condition. Hence, she started to make herbal products for her family's beauty and health needs. Mrs.Hema insisted the importance of eating organic and minimally processed foods at her home. Inspite of her condition and the after effects of her treatment, Mrs.Hema was determined to provide the best for her family. She started researching about the herbs and wanted to bring back the lost but precious herbal products of our culture. Her products worked out so well for her family that the rest of the extended family and friends also requested the products. Thus in the year 2012, "Mooligaa" came in to existence with a sincere mission of providing 100% natural and herbal products to the customers. The company has served more than 2000 customers over the past 5 years . The company has many repeat and loyal customers who are just in love with the products. A few reviews can be found on the company's Facebook page. The company aims to grow bigger and serve more customers through different channels.

Challenges In Running The Business :The first and foremost challenge was to get the word out about the products. Chennai shopping came to the rescue. In order to expand the business,the company is currently going through some legal procedures which is taking time and needs a lot more money. The company is looking for investors who can help with the expansion through financial assistance. A company that is started by a cancer survivor needs to grow just for her , her proven products and her valuable customers. The World needs to know that there can be life after cancer and that the cancer survivors can just bring about any great change to the world. At Mooligaa, the founder believes that cancer can never take her spirit down !!.

Healthcare - Winners

ID : HPA 1316

Name : Aishwarya Ravikrishnan

Educational Qualification : (marketing and management)

Nature Of Business : Skincare

Years In Business : 1

Annual Income : BELOW 1LAKH

Why And How You Started The Business: Here is the story of Nature's Destiny: Motherhood not only makes you stronger, protective and wholesome in its own way, but sometimes leads you to something wonderful as well. Nature's destiny took its form only through such a beautiful phase of my life. Though I have always favoured and supported natural products, when it came to my baby I wanted something more personal and natural for her skin. And in such pursuit of nurturing my daughter in all ways, I started learning the natural way of making soaps. It wasn't easy, but I started loving the process with the picture of a beautiful outcome in my mind. Trial and errors were countless, but with each trial I became more proficient and realised my passion in the process of learning and relearning. Finally I have come to a point that I can proudly present my passion in a beautiful way to all of you, to enjoy the splendid experience of something more natural than you would ever get in the supermarket shelves. We are now catering products for Men, Women and Children . Do join us on this journey and be a part of something natural and beautiful.

Natural and handmade products have the transparency that no commercial products can offer. Family and friends are the ambassadors and not celebrities. People nowadays want natural products since they have realised that long term benefits are important and to match the fast paced lifestyle they are looking out for easy options, for instance, something in between time-consuming shikakai and luxury brand shampoos, and brands like ours are here to provide that. Organic or natural products should not be considered as items of luxury. They are a part of my everyday life and when I can use it, I believe everyone else can and deserves to use it too. Providing it to our customers with all the competition has been a challenge so far.

ID : HPA 150

Name : Vidya Balaji

Educational Qualification : MBA (Full Time)

Nature Of Business : Manufacture Chemical free bath soaps, lip balms.

Years In Business : 1

Annual Income : 1LAKH - 10LAKH

Why And How You Started The Business: I was on the look out for Chemical free bath soaps for my baby. Coudnt find a good one. So, explored on my own and thus this venture

Challenges In Running The Business : Emotional and physical challenge.

ID : HPA 16

Name : Nithya Sekar

Educational Qualification : BE

Nature Of Business :"The Soap Veda" - Destination for natural cold processed soaps,body butter,herbal scrubs and more

Years In Business : 1

Annual Income : BELOW 1LAKH

Why And How You Started The Business: : As a stay at home mom , I was very eager to start something innovative and unique. I came to know that the commercial soaps use very harsh chemicals and wanted to make soaps that are skin friendly. After much research, found about the cold processed soaps that use skin loving oils and butters and started manufacturing them. The main motto was to produce some harsh chemical free, skin friendly soaps , lip butters,scrubs and more.

Challenges In Running The Business : 1. It was very difficult to source the ingredients like shea butter and other essential oils . 2. It was very hard to convince the clients to buy our products initially. 3. The essential oils and butters used for a soaps are a bit expensive .

Home Retail - Winners

ID : HPA 108

Name : Shalini visakan

Educational Qualification : Diploma in fashion technology

Nature Of Business : Suvastra designs

Years In Business : 1

Annual Income : BELOW 1LAKH

Why And How You Started The Business: : Being a designer she saw the difficulties her husband was facing in daily life to wear clothing and stated to make small alterations in them which made his life easier. It made her think how many people would ad benefited if there would be a separate clothing line. That is how the whole idea started.

Challenges In Running The Business : Adaptive clothing has to be customized for every person's need.It is very time consuming and not very financially viable.

ID : HPA 113

Name : Sivasakthi N

Educational Qualification : MBA

Nature Of Business : Conducting classes for tailoring, Embroidery, jewellery making and fabric painting.

Years In Business : 5

Annual Income : 1LAKH - 10LAKH

Why And How You Started The Business : I wish to support my husband as economically also. I Started business with my one machine which i used it for my own, along with improved my skills-learning few things with my child.

Challenges In Running The Business : My family people oppose to chose this field and doing it from home as some people, under estimate the quality.

ID : HPA 744

Name : Guna Selvi

Educational Qualification : 10th

Nature Of Business : Tailoring

Years In Business : 6

Annual Income : 1LAKH - 10LAKH

Why And How You Started The Business : Due to my family situvation i strated a shop

Challenges In Running The Business : yes i raised in my area as a best tailor.

Media & Entertainment - Winners

ID : HPA 1315

Name : Sowmya

Educational Qualification : Engineer

Nature Of Business : Copywriting

Years In Business : 6

Annual Income : 1LAKH - 10LAKH

Why And How You Started The Business : After completing my Engineering studies, I got a job placed in a core job. I did not find it exciting. So, I quit my job and started freelancing. It was in February 2011 that I started working as Freelancer. I now have a handful of clients. This job gives me exposure to many different industries. I meet a lot of people, CEOs, and employees, and get chance to understand different businesses and their work models. This is what I basically love about my job.

Challenges In Running The Business : Receiving prompt payments is a challenge with a few clients.

ID : HPA 142

Name : Sheetal Diya Kinger

Nature Of Business : Public Relations (PR) firm

Years In Business : 3

Annual Income : 1LAKH - 10LAKH

Why And How You Started The Business : Why - I started this business to show my creativity in my PR field and also to strike a perfect balance between work and home. How – Few of my friends who started their new business/firms needed publicity help for their companies. I wanted to provide a platform where startup companies could get strategic and affordable PR. Hence, Focus PR was started.

Challenges In Running The Business : Getting payment and new business/ new clients on board has been biggest challenge but I believe and practice when you do a good work, your work speaks which helps you get new inquires.

ID : HPA 1169

Name : Soundari Kanchana Ramalingam

Educational Qualification : MAB and Diploma in Graphics and web design

Nature Of Business : Advertisement and Online promotion.

Years In Business : 3

Annual Income : 1LAKH - 10LAKH

Why And How You Started The Business : I qualified as MBA in the year 2010 and was employed in ING vysya bank, worked for 2 years 9 months i was not happy, as I wanted to do something more in life, as i was blessed with good writing skills. I quit the job my father was very unhappy with me . He refused to give the savings for my graphic designing classes. Since i was a woman and he felt i can't handle a business. God's grace and my mother's support i did freelance content writing for 6 months, I couldn't earn much any but earned experience. After which i got my PF amount and processed with my graphic designing classes. Once i got hold of it i started earning. Within a year my brother was impressed with my work and invested for a office, which is also a home but turned into office . Today i stand as leader for 4 employees with Three main business of content writing, multimedia and branding.

Challenges In Running The Business : Everything was challenge since it was new path for me Skill,money and even acquiring employees.

Self Help Group - Winners

ID : HPA 103

Name : Thirupurasundari sevvel

Nature Of Business : Heritage consultant / awareness / eco friendly housing

Years In Business : 6

Annual Income : 1LAKH - 10LAKH

Why And How You Started The Business : : I worked for the architect Kalpana. The interest in architecture came after meeting him. I do not have the same desires as four tables, a few square feet and a AC room. Some of our comrades are joining the studio Konquerue Co-Working Office from 2013. Anyone can come to my office and have a job. At the age of 23, we started the volunteer social workshop called 'Ezhil' in the name of my aunt. We buy goods from worn artisans by `fur art studio 'and sell online without lobbying. `Our house, our town, our story 'is the name I have done for our work. Friendships help themselves to volunteer these tasks.

Challenges In Running The Business : "When I am down to three questions / scales, I am angry as a woman. 'Oh ... girl?', 'Is this so old?', 'The silent modest girl, if we dress the sari and wearing the jewelry' - such measures are irritating. Do not judge me. I know what I mean.Leave me a space for myself! ".

ID : HPA 1291

Name : Swathi Krishnan

Nature Of Business : Swarshkala / Love keepsake

Years In Business : 3

Annual Income : 1LAKH - 10LAKH

Why And How You Started The Business : I served as a HR in an MNC for over 7years before I quit my job to take care of my son who went through a heart surgery at the age of 4months. I'm a crafter since childhood who loves to make my own stuffs. For my sons naming ceremony I handmade return gifts for our friends and family. That's where I sat down and thought to myself on how sustainable it is to start this a business. I made sure my passion and interest matched. I started a eco friendly bags business which gave me room for creativity and also a bit that I could do to save the environment. We are now exploring and testing a few lifestyle products made of Banana fiber (a fiber made of complete waste of the plant). We plan to expand out of my home studio in a year's time. Love keepsake is completely inspired by my son every memory I wanted to keep of my little warrior told me that these very things I have craft are very expensive in the market and that's where I started the keepsakes venture to offer affordable handcrafted keepsakes.

Challenges In Running The Business : Biggest challenge was funding second came marketing. All though finding and training labour was a challenge my education helped me coupe up with that leading one challenge lesser.

ID : HPA 550

Name : Recael Celia Berlie

Educational Qualification : NUrsing (A Grade), Dip in Operation Theatre Technology

Nature Of Business : Dealers in Surgical accessories used in Operation Theatres.

Years In Business : 10

Annual Income : 1LAKH - 10LAKH

Why And How You Started The Business : to help women in her neighbourhood earn their own, as they were beaten up and insulted by their spouse for asking money . This led to the idea of starting this business in the products Rachael is well aware of.

Challenges In Running The Business : 1)No Funds to start the business 2)With a baby just delivered had difficulty focusing on running business 3) Literally Begged Suppliers to give material against Credit 4) Harassment from Male Counterparts.

Sports & Fitness - Winners

ID : HPA 850

Name : Praveena Vijay

Educational Qualification : M.Sc Applied Psychology

Nature Of Business : Chess coach

Years In Business : 3

Annual Income : BELOW 1LAKH

Why And How You Started The Business : Chess is my passion from my childhood. I searched for a tutor for my child. But couldn't find one. So I decided to teach her. She started showing improvement and played well. So decide do to take up my passion as my career. Main aim is to develop interest in Kids to learn chess which my father did when I was young. One will be passionate about what interests them and will motivate them to work hard and take them to greater heights.

Challenges In Running The Business : I have encountered with different challenges. But I see all the challenges lead me one step towards my goal. I take it as learning opportunity than of a challenge.

ID : HPA 1300

Name : Sudha Chandrasekar

Educational Qualification : B.Com, MBA

Nature Of Business : Handling Zumba Fitness sessions for individuals, corporates, schools & colleges, Events

Annual Income : BELOW 1LAKH

Testimonial : Lot of them have appreciated but have to gather them from now on.

Why And How You Started The Business :I used to work as HR for an MNC, always wanted to do something on my own. When I joinedZumba class, i felt like this must be spread across to all. Being a fitness freak who used to run earlier regularly, took up Zumba seriously & I myself reduced from 76 kg to 56 kg. I became a certified Zumba Instructor & since then no looking back. Had to leave my regular job due to family reasons 4 years back. Zumba keeps me going.

Challenges In Running The Business : Support from family was not as expected in the beginning. Lack of financial support to set up own studio.

ID : HPA 186

Name : Wanitha Ashok

Educational Qualification : Under graduate

Nature Of Business : Aerobic studio.

Years In Business : 14

Annual Income : ABOVE 10LAKH

Why And How You Started The Business : It's a passion based business. Just 3 classes a day . Spearheaded just by me. Started with 4 students and now I have more than 150 students who work out with me everyday in that 3 classes. Classes are packed and people are on wait list to get into prime batches. Never ever advertised. It was always word of mouth publicity. My work spoke for me and I went on to become a brand. Since I am a social activist I have extended my expertise and show workouts on social media sites as I am on a mission " Get Fit India ".

Challenges In Running The Business : None.